06 June

[True Jesus Church] International Youth Fellowship 2015


One of my best memories and I like the logo :) port dickson, Malaysia

16 November

[JKT48] Family Fun Fair

Accociate by First Media, Big-Tv at Lippo Mall Kemang Jakarta, you can see the video by clicking image above.

16 October

[AWSome Day] Amazon Web Service

Thank you AWSome Day in Jakarta, i was provided access to the AWSome Day Jakarta class, AWSome is designed to provide user with an introduction to amazon service services, is interesting because from retail online company became web service farm provider. This is an AWS Cloud training delegates me for the full day training, in the end they give me certificate and free $25 credit to try aws cloud.

29 May

[JKT48] Jakarta Kizuna Ekiden

Hi another event called jakarta kizuna ekiden is marathon in short, located at blok M, Jakarta
Members giving prize to the winner.

The event was attended by many people, and here some short fancam video.

This event start at 07.00 am until 22.00 pm, so much fun back then. Many shops and cosplayers come to this event, I hope they will make this event again next year.

13 May

[JKT48] Jakarta Marketing Week

First i want to say thank you to Jakarta marketing week inviting JKT48 for closing ceremony, you can see my fancam here.

After arrive at office this morning as usual first thing i do is open facebook and twitter, then i see unoffical fansclub twitting JKT48 will perform tonight at Jakarta marketing week, so i confirm that with visiting offical website... the event is located at kota casablanca mall which is not far away from my office (takes 15 minutes), is quite plummy work in central Jakarta, they only sing 3 songs but quite entertaining for me, using default stage clothes make them nostalgic and cute.

Drizzle on the way home makes air feel fresh, sometimes work as programmer feels tired, but i think my life not bad at all, just enjoy it. Thanks God and thanks for today, this month… more